Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Little Girl Next Door (Feb 4) and Di Hai's family

So the day before, we'd noticed the little girl next door helping her mom gather sticks.  She talks a lot, and in a cute squeaky voice.  Today (the 4th) she came over to meet Alex.

Alex likes her - he shared a toy with her.  She is sneaky, though, and very clever.  She almost made it out of the gate with Alex's yellow train car, and she always has her eye out for something she can snag.  She's still cute, though.


Back in 2008, I was privileged to meet Di (aunt) Hai - Tu's mom's sister.

Sadly, she passed away a couple of years ago.  However, we went across the street to visit her family, and see what we could see.  The house is set back a couple hundred yards from the road, and in fact is fronted on the road which runs along a waterway.  So basically, we went in through the back yard.

After paying our respects, we went to the waterway to see what we could see.  Basically, they were harvesting cabbage, and getting it ready to take to the market.

Yep, that's the little girl again.

And finally, here's a slightly different twilight pic than the one I posted on FB.  Remember, mostly all pics and vids will be posted to FB once we get back into the states.

Next time: We ride to Vinh Long City.

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