Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tet (Feb 9, 10, 11)

To clarify, Tet (Lunar New Year) was Feb 10.  This post covers three days, or so.  There's really not much to say about our activity (or inactivity).

With respect to Tet, we usher in the year of Snake.

The evening of the 9th, we were eating dinner on the front porch after sunset.  The dogs suddenly went doggie and ran to the gate yipping and yarping.  I saw a bunch of people outside the gate, but it was too dark to see who it was.

After a bit, Ma went to check on them, but they'd already got the gate open, and came up to the porch.  I saw kids.  Lots of kids, actually.  Followed by a few adults (moms, aunts, whatever).  They all said hello, Alex did his "con thich con tai" trick ("I like girls") followed by "chuc mon nam moi" ("happy new year"), and the kids went inside.  See following pics (some more of Di Hai's family, as it turned out):


Next day - Tet.

c. Thu, a. Son, and HyHyy (Tu's older sister, her husband, and their younger son -- remember?) arrived from HoChiMinh city.  Also, a. Duy (Tu's brother) arrived with a friend Uyen.  Total of 10 people in a 3-bedroom house.  Arrangements were made - this is no big deal, especially for Tet.

After dinner (If I recall) everyone except Ba and Ma hopped on motorbikes, and we went to see a Cambodian temple some twenty minutes south/west on QL53 (the opposite direction from Vinh Long City).

I must say, Buddhist temples have a tendency to use every color in the world, for decoration.  Ornateness is sort of a requirement, I guess.

Tu and Uyen.  I include this only because Kim noticed they look like they are doing the worship (she asked where is the incense).  Actually, they are putting on make-up.


Day after Tet.  More of Di Hai's family.  She has a lot of family.


And one more pic just for fun:

That was a long post.  Sorry.

Next up is our trip to Ba's family.  That won't be overly long.  And there is probably one port post after that, but it won't get posted until after we get back in the U.S.


ve said...

wowowow today I can see more pictures from this post and they are all interesting:

1) Alex eats jack fruit ... i am jealous. I love that jack fruit from ba má house, that one is super good!

2) Love the pictures of Alex kissing Tu at the temple :) Too cute. He looks so handsome in those cotton outfits. Chị Thư said she bought some for TD too :) THey don't sell those in the States.

3) Alex looks soooo tiny when he is standing next to Hy Hữu hhahah but anh Sơn looks so small standing next to Kurt :-D hahaha ... I can't believe Hy Hữu is that fat, mannnn ... he just got fatter and fatter, i couldn't recognize him in the picture that has Tu, chị Thư, Alex, and HyHuu (couldn't recognize until going to the next picture which has Alex and HH)

ve said...

correction: picture of anh Duýs gf, Alex, Tú, and HH