Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb 3 - Exploring the Local Market

Let's see, where were we...

Okay, we hopped back on the motorbike, and went to the local market for Choco-pie and sua socola (chocolate milk).  For me.  I like choco-pie and chocolate milk.

Not much to say, except that Alex now recognizes what a market is.  Enjoy the selected pics.

...and a pic from the bridge next to the market.

The bridge is on QL53 (highway 53), if you go in the direction behind us about 25 minutes by motorbike, you get to Vinh Long city (which is what we did a few days later).

Next time:  Alex meets "The Little Girl" from next door.

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ve said...

hahahaha .... Love the picture with Alex's big smile at the bridge.

Alex loves Vietnam now. I am glad!