Friday, February 1, 2013

Chilling out in Vinh Long

Things have slowed down dramatically such that I don't have to post 2000 words per day to keep up with events.  The basic day is 5am wake up with chickens, 6am drink coffee, 7am eat breakfast, free time until noon for lunch, nap after lunch until whenever, then free time until dinner (which is served on the front porch), then free time until 9 or 10 or whenever you get tired.

Free time is blogging, watching Dora with Alex, playing with Alex, taking Alex to the potty, spanking Alex for not telling me he needed to potty, walking around the area with Alex and Tu, riding the motorbike around the area with Alex and Tu, an occasional trip to the market (which we haven't done yet), and just generally relaxing.

Alex (not) learning to fish from ong ngoai, with ba ngoai looking on.  Behind the house.

Alex chasing ducks and chickens. Right side of house (sort of an extension of the back).

 Delicious snacks.  Not snakes, snacks.  Also on the right side of the property.

 Alex checking out xe may (motorbike).  He was very upset that he didn't get to go to the market with ong ngoai on Thursday, so Friday I took him and Tu for a ride.  (I think those days are correct - days kind of blur into each other here).

 View from the left side (part of the front) of the property.  I don't get tired of this, especially viewed from a hammock with a nice coconut and straw in hand.  Or a Heineken does well in a pinch.

 Tu doing laundry.

I mentioned that I drove Tu and Alex around on the motorbike.  I had not driven one since I was here in late 2008, so it took me a couple of minutes to get used to it.  Then, the first mile is all dirt and rocks, ruts and potholes, with a few muddy places to throw you off.  I made it though, safely, to the highway where there are bikes and motorbikes and trucks.

I turned right and stopped at the local school to see what we could see.  Alex didn't want to go in, so we got back on the highway and went the other way toward the higher-way and the market.  On the higher-way (it might be 1A, I'm not sure, I just know it's the way to Vinh Long city) we first went right, over the bridge and the river (no pics, sorry), then u-turned, and went the other way for awhile.

Then we went back and back and back, passed the house, and continued a couple of miles the other direction on the dirt road.  In some places it is wide enough (just) for a car; in other places, not so much.  I was looking for a particular bridge I'd found last time.  We got to a junction where our dirt track met up with something more like a road.  The government had dumped piles of new soft dirt, and I nearly laid the bike down.  Several times, actually, but I recovered each time.  I hate new soft dirt.

I turned left and found the bridge.  It's like a dam, or something.  Water flows toward it from both directions, and disappears into a huge drain thing under the bridge.  Here are pics both directions from the bridge (we got off the bridge for safety), and of the three of us on the bike.

Honest, I'm not constipated - I'm just trying to hold the bike up and take the picture at the same time.

Just as we started to leave, we saw two boys on a bike.  The older had his hair dyed, and he was trying to be cool.  He got tied up in the new soft dirt and fell over.

On the way back we tried to get Alex to say hi to some of the smaller children we found along the way, but he was too shy, and I think the other kids were scared.  One little girl's dad told her to come back to the house, or she might get stolen by someone.

I won't try posting videos anymore, since they gum up the works.  I'll continue to post selected pics though, with or without commentary.  All pics and vids will go to facebook when we get home, and I'll open that up to all my FB friends at that time.

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ve said...

gotta love Alex's red outfit :) too cute! looks like he loves chasing after the chickens lol

you are too brave to drive motorbike in Vietnam, Kurt! proud of you!