Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I read today that the latest economic news is, US GDP gained again in 2Q08. It gained in 1Q08. it lost a tad in 4Q07. Yet, we've been bombarded with news for the last, what, year?... that we're in a recession, almost a depression...

Yeah, gas prices suck. Supply-and-Demand, and what-not. Another "Big Oil" company posted big profits... but then, that's what companies are supposed to do. Everyone wants to tell "Big Oil" to f--- off and quit making profits... but no one seems to want to tell all the grandma's, who's late husband's pension is deeply invested in BP and Exxon... to try to live on less.

Food prices are up... due to gas prices being up.

The world is ending, because we saw a polar bear getting wet feet.

You know what? In my previous life, everyone around me was just sure the world was ending because... the roof was old? The pool was dirty? The garage was full of an exploded car? Someone couldn't go to the school they wanted? I was a bad parent, a bad husband, a bad employee...

It's called perspective. I was being forced to accept that the entire world was falling apart, because the suburban life was just, well, somehow not quite achieving the level of suburban perfection that everyone expected. Yeah, there are people dying under the brutal regimes of dictating a$$holes, but, Cheesus Fries and Crackers, how DARE you not completely agree with our pastor? You actually said that to him for REAL? What a BAD person you are.......

I removed myself from the constant doom and criticism and silent (and not-so-silent) disapproval. And it was misunderstood, misconstrued, and lied about. And I don't care. Caring, simply makes me a target for more abuse.

I am much better now, thanks. Damaged, bruised, but improving. There is exactly one person, whose opinion I care about, and to whom I listen. That person is concerned with nothing more, than my welfare. And we do seem to have a much better perspective on life. A few others, I will listen to, to the extent they do not try to apply guilt or other emotional blackmail. I don't do that crap, anymore. I don't put up with it, I don't have time for it.

Yeah, look... perspective will *always* make things which are closer, seem more important. Of course those things whic are closer, are more important. But they should not be blown out of proportion. Global warming, A less-than-desired economy, a garage full of disassembled car... it's all the same thing -- something to think about, perhaps deal with, and then forget about, so that life can go on, and be lived as it should be -- vigorously, with enjoyment and laughter.

I'm much better now.